World Employee Appreciation Day - We want to say, ‘thank you.’ An Open Letter and Video.

March 16, 2022

At Mayflower, we value our incredible team. Each person plays a pivotal role in keeping people in our care safe, well, connected and happy. And, our team love connecting with people in our care.

Maintaining strong, healthy relationships have never been more critical than during the COVID-19 pandemic, and our team continue to rise to the challenge with passion and creativity.

By actively focussing on connections between staff, clients, residents, and their loved ones, our team help to maintain a feeling of optimism - and often joy - in our communities.

And, we want to say a big thank you - to you, our incredible team - for all that you do.

During the various lockdowns over the past year, you increased one-on-one activities in our aged care homes. From carers and nurses to physios and housekeepers, and reception - every team member found ways to connect with the people entrusted to our care – thank you so much.

We saw you, our wonderful Mayflower team members, enjoying special moments with residents, over a cuppa or a game, sharing common interests and life experiences.

At other times you would simply sit quietly together in the gardens, enjoying the sunshine. We have many planned activities - but often sitting one-on-one and having someone listen to your story - is all someone in our care needs. And you did this so well.

Social gatherings are also great opportunities to help residents strengthen connections and form new friendships. So despite the challenges of the pandemic, you found ways to keep holding special events safely – helping to maintain a sense of normality and fun. Thank you.

Thank you for also supporting residents' spiritual wellbeing through Chapel services and our ‘Bible Study’ program which involves singing, sharing life stories, and building connections on a personal level. Read more about the Bible study here.

To our Mayflower Homecare team - thank you for supporting our home care clients to maintain their social connections - through wellbeing checks, video calls, and spending time with them one on one. Retirement Village residents also felt well supported by our Village Coordinators.

Maria, our care manager of Mayflower Brighton says her team make it all possible,

“I have been honoured to have been part of a very great and supportive team,"

"Many thanks to all the wonderful staff who have always put in the best of their efforts,

"From working in the kitchen, laundry, lifestyle, physio, reception, and beyond," she says,

"Without you all, this journey would not have been possible. Thank you for everything!”

Deb, our care manager of Mayflower Reservoir, is a newer member of our Mayflower Family, and she is very proud of the incredible teamwork she sees each day,

“I am very happy to be a part of this amazing team at Reservoir," says Deb,

"Our team are inclusive, caring and so much fun. I am proud of the work they do every day."

"This truly is a wonderful home for residents, and we have a first class team!”

We are looking forward to more normality in the coming year. But, whatever happens, friendships will remain core to the care we provide – and we are so grateful to our amazing team that make it happen.

To our amazing team:

Thank you for everything you do.