Congratulations to Theresa and Debbie - ACSA Recognition Program

May 26, 2022

We are proud of our team, and the wonderful things they do for those in our care.

Mayflower Brighton Lifestyle Assistant Debbie, and Mayflower Reservoir Enrolled Nurse Theresa have both been nominated for the ACSA Recognition Program.

Pictured above: Theresa and Debbie both love their work, and their passion and kindness shows through.

Australian Community and Services Australia, also known as ACSA, holds awards for aged care and community service workers each year – giving us all the opportunity to celebrate the many hard-working people in the field.

Debbie was nominated for Acts of Kindness – and nothing could be more true.

Debbie is one of the most generous, kind and hard-working people you will ever meet, and we are proud to say she has been with Mayflower Brighton for nearly 16 years. You can read about her bringing comfort to new residents here.

Theresa was nominated for the ACSA award ‘Unsung Hero’ – and she truly is.

Teresa goes above and beyond to learn new languages, and provide exceptional care in our memory support unit at Mayflower Reservoir. You can also read more about Theresa and her incredible contribution here