Connecting Through Language & Music

December 11, 2020

Delli is no stranger to playing keys and has recently found solace in playing the organ in the Hyde lounge.

Delli’s mother-tongue is Russian, and with almost no vision, due to macular degeneration, she sometimes finds it difficult to find the motivation to play her favourite tunes.

Delli Dec 2020

Enrolled nurse, Elena, who also speaks the Russian language fluently has built a special friendship with Delli around their similar interests and cultural backgrounds.

Knowing Delli’s history as a professional piano player, Elena has encouraged Delli to get back on the keys and has seen some lovely therapeutic benefits.

How did she do it? By singing some familiar Russian songs, which was just the encouragement that Delli needed to get playing again.

If you would like to see Delli playing on a grand piano at Mayflower, or to learn more about her, please follow this link