Meet Hitesh. Empowering residents to live their life, their way.

July 14, 2023

At Mayflower, we are proud of our team, and one of our shining stars is Hitesh, our Mayflower Brighton Lifestyle Coordinator.

We recently sat down with Hitesh to learn a little bit more about what motivates him and what makes Mayflower such a special place.

Pictured above: Hitesh with volunteer Robin, during the Volunteer High Tea function earlier this year

Hitesh has been with Mayflower for over 12 years and has a genuine passion for his work, which can be clearly seen with each interaction he has with his team, and with residents.

Hitesh was born in Gujarat, India and came to Australia with his wife, Jalpa, in December 2008 – where the pair quickly found their feet in Carnegie. Hitesh began his studies soon after arriving in Australia, and, in 2013, Hitesh and Jalpa welcomed their son, Shubham in 2013. Shabham has been a familiar face for residents and our lifestyle team, where he was recently inducted as an honorary lifestyle assistant.

According to Hitesh, Mayflower is an ideal workplace, filled with passionate team members that work together to create one big team,

"Mayflower is a great place to work, where team members can build good working relationships with people from various departments, says Hitesh.

“We all work together to provide the best care and services for residents.”

A person-centred lifestyle program – it is about choice.

Hitesh feels the feedback he and his lifestyle team is the most significant and rewarding part of all. Feedback helps him to create the best lifestyle program possible, that is centred around the needs and choices of residents, “it's incredibly rewarding to see the appreciation from residents and their families,” says Hitesh.

By offering a range of activities and experiences tailored to residents’ interests and preferences, they are empowered to continue to live their life, their way -, engaged, active, and connected to their community. A personalised lifestyle program promotes a sense of purpose, helps prevent social isolation and depression, and enhances the overall experience of living at Mayflower.

A sincere passion for aged care

When asked what inspired him to work in aged care, Hitesh shared his fond memories of his grandparents and the special times they shared inspired him the most,

"I come from a culture where senior family members live with us, and I have fond memories of my grandparents. When I had the opportunity to work with seniors during a course I was studying, I found engaging them in activities, talking to them, and listening to their stories incredibly satisfying” says Hitesh.

When it comes to recommending Mayflower to others, Hitesh is a strong believer that Mayflower is the best place for anyone, thanks to the strong bonds and friendships that form between our community of residents and team members.

Outside of work, Hitesh enjoys gardening, listening to music, and cooking traditional Indian dishes. He also loves spending time in nature and has a small garden at home that he tends to with great care, and has been teaching his son Shubham some of his gardening secrets.

Hitesh is an exceptional person who embodies the spirit of Mayflower. His commitment to providing the best possible care for our residents is unparalleled, and he is an essential part of the team that makes Mayflower such a special place.

Pictured above: Hitesh with centenarian club member, Ron - enjoying the sunshine, conversation and a sweet treat.

Pictured above: Shubham giving Judy her prize during Mayflower Brighton's Australia Day event